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Vision, Mission, Objectives


  • To help intensify infrastructure development efforts in order to support the goals of sustainable economic growth of Bangladesh.


  • To be recognized globally as the Bangladesh Center of Excellence in Infrastructure investment; and
  • To foster Bangladesh's economic development by promoting and facilitating private investment in infrastructure development.


  • To introduce, promote, encourage, facilitate and assist all and any forms of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and the use of non-government finance and other resources in the development and improvement of infrastructure in Bangladesh.
  • To assist and advise ministries, agencies and other public sector bodies in Bangladesh with the identification, prioritization, preparation, evaluation, award, and implementation of infrastructure projects in which the private sector may participate.
  • To create interest of the private sector in investing in infrastructure projects in Bangladesh by disseminating information within Bangladesh and abroad about the opportunities.
  • To develop, organise and provide the Public Sector with training, technical advice and support for the purposes of enabling the Public Sector to involve it in infrastructure projects.
  • To investigate, research, advise on and advocate to the Public Sector the need for amendment, introduction or adoption of any laws, policies, orders or directives, whether by way of primary legislation, ministerial enactment or otherwise, which will procure, help or otherwise facilitate the private sector's participation in infrastructure projects.
  • To become recognized nationally and internationally, amongst lenders and developers, as the country's Center of Excellence in infrastructure development.
  • To help conduct business to the highest professional standards in a cost-effective manner.

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